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    North End Crossfit
    535B N. Birdneck Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451


    [email protected]

We are located at 535B N. Birdneck Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Contact us now to schedule a FREE Introductory Workout!!! 757-617-4252


Holiday Hours

NECF Will be open full day on Monday New Years Eve with NO 6:30PM class

Please enjoy a safe and Happy Celebration! We know we will 😉

On New Years Day we will have one class at 11am giving you hard partiers time to get yourself together! See you then!

Friday Dec 28th…Whammy For Walker


Friday is a super hi-five to one of our youngest athletes. Tomorrow he will become a man turning 18. Congrats to Walker and this WOD is for you my friend. Of course it’s a birthday surprise though.:) Come on in and help us celebrate!

It’s ALMOST a new year…Now What?!?!

We hope you all had a very special time celebrating Christmas with family and friends. In five short days we say “Adios” to 2012 and “Hola” 2013. Which means a clean slate, fresh start, perfect time for change. This is an opportunity most people embrace to publicly proclaim some new habit they want to form or a one they want to break. Individuals talk big about what they want to achieve, however time and time again January passes as does the motivation and drive. Sound familiar?

As a new gym, this is our first opportunity to share our tidbits on New Years Resolutions…or more commonly called throughout the year…Goal Setting. Make these goals attainable, people! Don’t set yourself up with a monumental task, yet forgetting to note the steps its going to take to get you there. I can say I want to be a Pro-Athlete, but if I forget all the hard work, practice, dedication, waking up early to train, doing things I don’t like, eating healthy, putting friends on hold to practice..then me saying I want to be a Pro-athlete are just words. Same for a doctor, a musician, an artist, a college graduate, a surfer, anyone that has achieved a personal success!! We all must be willing to fight through the not-so-fun to “win” the battle of our goal!

Now I know you all must have a goal, something, in mind. First, break it down. Figure out the bullet points to help get you there. Second, share it with someone! Tell one person or tell it to many, but make your goal known. There is strength in numbers! We all Crossfit because we like the camaraderie. We like being pushed by others and the encouragement that follows. Use this environment to HELP you reach the goal you have set for yourself.

As North End Crossfit family we are all about the wellness of those in our gym. Wellness is all encompassing meaning physical, emotional, and spiritual. While we focus on the physical, we want the whole wellness package for all of you. So no matter the goal, we are here to assist in any way possible. This is what family is all about!

Now it’s time to act. Write down those goals. Figure out what it is going to take to get there. Then Share. In that Order! 🙂




We are Closed tomorrow for Christmas. Enjoy the special time with Family and Friends! We will be open on the 26th at 9:00am, 5:30pm, and 6:30pm. Back to normal on Thursday. See you all soon!!:)