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    North End Crossfit
    535B N. Birdneck Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451


    [email protected]

We are located at 535B N. Birdneck Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Contact us now to schedule a FREE Introductory Workout!!! 757-617-4252


Monday 04/08/13

If we offered another Saturday class. What time would you like it to be? Answer on the white board at the gym.
Fill out a survery at the gym and tell us how things are going for you as a member.  We are growing as a gym and are excited to be able to grow together…your feedback is much appreciated and taken into thoughtful consideration in decisions as we approach our 1 year anniversary!


7 Rounds
Max Rep Body Weight Back Squats
400 m Run

* Bonus “opportunity” posted at gym

Thursday 04/04/13

Open WOD has been announced!! It’s a little crazy..but will be fun to watch!
4:30 Thursday, 4:30 Friday, and 10:00am Saturday Sign up or Come to Cheer!


Speaking of Crazy…or should I say Nasty….

“Nasty Girls”

50 Squats

7 Muscle Ups

10 Hang Power Cleans (135/95)

Wednesday 04/03/13

OPEN WOD announced tonight!! Sign up on the board for a time slot!


12 min AMRAP

10 DB Snatches (45/25)
10 KB Swings (70/53)
10 Pushups
200m Run

Tuesday 04/02/13

LAST OPEN WOD announced Wednesday! Stay Tuned for fun!


Sometimes an empty Barbell is just as sucky as one with plates…


Thrusters (45/35)
Double Unders