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    North End Crossfit
    535B N. Birdneck Rd
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451


    [email protected]

We are located at 535B N. Birdneck Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Contact us now to schedule a FREE Introductory Workout!!! 757-617-4252


What people say about North End Crossfit:

I have been doing Crossfit 3 to 4 days a week for about 3 years, at various gyms.  I joined North End Crossfit last September and have found my forever Crossfit gym.  North End truly embraces the philosophy that Crossfit is for everyone no matter the fitness level, age or gender.  You will work harder than you have ever worked, in an environment full of fun, family, and support.  North End Crossfit is truly a Godsend in my life.
-Todd Savage / turning 50 this year.
“Crossfit, can I really do that?  I’m scared.”  That’s what I thought when my fiancé suggested that I start-up a CF regimen just before he left on a 4-month military deployment (easy for him to say, as a highly physically fit and motivated individual).  But then I thought about it and figured, “what the heck do I have to lose, aside from a few pounds?  I can do this!”  On the contrary, what I’ve learned in my 3 months at NECF is that it’s less about “losing” and more about “gaining” – confidence that is.  In addition, I have gained motivation, strength, and endurance.
What I like about NECF is that the coaches come into each WOD (For you newbies like me, that means “workout of the day.”  You’ll quickly catch onto the acronyms.) with a level of intensity that I can’t force upon myself in the…dare I say it…”regular” gym.  They push me and hold me accountable through each workout, all while ensuring that members are displaying proper technique, which I’ve learned is KEY to a successful CF routine.  In addition to their skill and positive attitude, I have been impressed with their level of knowledge and determination that we not only show up, but put out in every WOD.
My favorite thing about CF is the intensity.  Who woulda thought that after 12 minutes of a high intensity work out, I’d be ready for a nap right there on the gym floor?!  It’s a serious workout all packed into a short timeframe, which is great for people who get bored or complacent at the gym…like me.  The WODs are always different, which I love.
I also like that there is an emphasis on Olympic style lifting.  What better way for a smaller sized woman like myself to feel strong and powerful than doing things like “bench pressing” and “overhead squatting.”  It’s empowering to say the least.  And I like bragging to my man that I “upped my one rep max today.”
Some people considering trying CF for the first time might be scared by the equipment and/or price tag, but I assure you, the level of individualized assistance and training you get from the coaches makes it worth it.  It’s basically a personal training session each time you go, but with the support and camaraderie of a team sport.  And don’t worry, the equipment isn’t as scary as it looks.  Plus – WODs are modified to each member’s skill level until they can train at the prescribed level.  There is always an emphasis on doing things “right” rather than getting hurt or trying to show-off.
Thank you, NECF (coaches and members) for welcoming me and showing me the ropes.  I look forward to working on my 2013 goal of 1 pull-up…
-Kelly  Packard
In the middle of August I went on a business trip with my boss and while at lunch we started talking about eating and the battle I have with keeping the weight off. She suggested I join her at NECF for a work out, so I did and the FUN began. I walked into NECF and thought what have I gotten myself into. The look of a cross fit gym is very different than a “normal” weight room/fitness facility. I look at it now knowing how it all works and I can’t imagine it being anything else but at the beginning it was a little scary.
I was a regular exerciser riding the Lifecycle and jogging usually 4 or 5 times a week. I had up until now no real strength training or flexibility in my workout. I thought I was in OK shape but what I found out was that I was in NO shape for the functional movements of Cross Fit and more importantly poorly prepare for LIFE. Doing a simple squat that first visit was hard for me.
After the first few weeks I was sore, really sore, my muscles were screaming at me but I felt GOOD I kept going, I showed up. Scaling some of the exercises (tailoring the exercise to meet my ability level) was the path I took with great encouragement & guidance from the trainers at NECF. The unbelievable patience and time each trainer took with me to teach me how I could do the exercise safely and get the maximum out of the workout has been key to my success.
What I like about the daily WOD (work out of the day) is that it’s different every day. What has happened after 6 months of showing up at NECF is that I’m not scaling as much, I’m stronger and getting better every day. I don’t need to find a work out buddy I have a gym full of work out buddies. I love the feeling I get when the workout is over and the clock stops and the trainer yells “time”. I love the results of doing Cross Fit, I’m sore now sometimes after a workout but I’m sore with a great sense of accomplishment and knowing I’ve push myself to the next level.
-Mary Lou Williard/56 years old
I’ve been doing Crossift at NECF for about 2 months now and I’m addicted! Within three weeks, I was seeing changes in my body. Every time I work out I feel stronger. I love keeping track of my times and scores to see my progress. Each time I go to a class, it’s something new and different. I never get bored with the WOD’s. The coaches are amazing. They are so encouraging and even in the biggest class, they find a way to make you feel like you are getting one on one training. I’ve never felt intimidated by the prescribed workouts because I know the coaches will modify it to my specific fitness level. The team sport environment really inspires me to strive to do my best and push hard to do the WOD to my fullest potential. Finally, I’m in a exercise program that I’m excited about and I actually look forward to going to the gym!
-Kristan Young/ 34 years old